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"The weather in the Eighth Wonder of the World."

Hey adventurers! Ready to dive into the Eighth Wonder of the World, the amazing Torres del Paine National Park? Get ready for some wild weather that can switch from winter to summer in a heartbeat. Yep, the weather here is as unpredictable as it gets, making every day a new weather adventure.

Fall 🍂

Months: Late March, April, May.

Temps: Mornings 20-30’s°F (-3-3°C), days 40-50’s°F (5-13°C).

Weather: Cool days and nights, chance of rain and snow.

Rain Chances: High, especially late fall.

Daylight Hours: 8 to 11 hours a day.

Winter ❄️

Months: June, July, August, and late September.

Temps: Mornings 20-30’s°F (-3-0°C), days 40’s°F (5-8°C).

Weather: Freezing cold, gentle winds, and possible snowstorms.

Rain Chances: Snow, ice, and rain are likely.

Daylight Hours: 8 to 12 hours a day.

Spring 🌸

Months: Mid/Late-September, October, November.

Temps: Mornings 30-40°F (3-7°C), days 50-60°F (14-18°C).

Weather: Warm or chilly days, cold nights, and strong winds.

Rain Chances: High, especially in September.

Daylight Hours: Enjoy 12 to 17 hours of daylight!

Summer ☀️

Months: December, January, February, and late March.

Temps: Mornings 40’s°F (6-8°C), days up to 60’s°F (17-20°C).

Weather: Warm days, cool nights, and strong winds.

Rain Chances: Expect some rain!

Daylight Hours: Get 13 to 17 hours of daylight.

Panoramic view of Torres del Paine From "Lago Toro"

View of Cuernos del Paine from "Lago Pehoé"

How do I dress for this unpredictable weather? 🧥

The key is layering up. Yep, layers and more layers. Get geared up with clothes that let you adapt to any temperature or weather change.

Benefits of layering 🛠️

1.   Bad Weather: 3 layers for full protection, warmth, and moisture-wicking.

2.   Cool, dry weather: 1st and 2nd layer for warmth and moisture-wicking.

3.   Wet and mild weather: 1st and 3rd layer for protection and moisture-wicking.

4.   Temperature goes up: Stay dry with the 1st layer.

Keep those extra layers in your backpack and adapt to the conditions throughout the day. You’ll be all set to tackle any adventure Torres del Paine throws your way!

So gear up, adventurer! With the right layers, you’ll be ready to face the ever-changing weather of the Eighth Wonder of the World and have an unforgettable experience. See you there! 🏞️🌦️🌈


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